Preparing for Your Virtual Interview

Preparing for Your Virtual Interview


Check your tech!


For a video interview the essentials are a camera, microphone, reliable internet connection and access to a program such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Prior to your interview slot, test your technology to ensure the online meeting runs smoothly. In an interview circumstance where nerves can affect performance, poor technology performance can add to your stress so eliminate this worry beforehand.


Ensure the environment is suitable


Limit distractions in your environment, conduct the interview in a quiet environment where you won’t have interference. If you don’t have a dedicated office space, sit in a suitable place, a suggestion would be to utilise a desk space as opposed to balancing a laptop on your lap. Choose a clean an decluttered space where the interviewer can focus on you only and not the environment around you.


Dress suitably


You may be conducting this interview in the comfort of your own home, but a first impression is still essential! Smart attire indicates you’re taking the opportunity seriously and demonstrates how you could be a brand ambassador for the business, especially within a client facing role. If you’re unsure on what to aim for, business casual is a good standard.




Treat this interview as you would with a traditional face to face interview on the employers site. Preparation is key, research the business, the opportunity and how your experience and achievements align with this, the industry, who you’re meeting, core competencies needed for this role, and importantly a list of questions to ask. With a virtual meeting you may not gain the culture alignment without touring the employer site and meeting different team members, this is why a line of questioning is imperative to discover more. By preparing in advance your conversation will flow naturally without you searching around for a scripted answer.


Authenticity and body language


When interviewing virtually you have the opportunity to be within a relaxing environment whilst demonstrating why you’re the best person for the job. Without meeting face to face it’s still important to establish rapport and utilise body language and facial expressions that indicate confidence and your personality. A handshake clearly isn’t going to happen but good eye contact, a  smile and taking a poised moment when answering questions and allowing the communication to flow by looking at natural ques will prevent speaking over each other and creating any awkwardness.


Follow up


After your virtual interview, plan to send a well-timed follow up as you would with a face to face interview thanking them for their time. Liaise with the representative who is running the recruitment process to give your feedback and gain employer feedback.


And of course, be prepared for competency based interview questions, check out our guide here - Preparing for Competency Interview Questions


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