August 2023 - Albert's Schloss

Indulgence, pleasure, and debauchery is what we were promised... but, did Albert's Schloss deliver?


After being shown to our VIP booth with an outstanding view of the stage, we were all set for the night ahead. All of the servers we encountered were friendly and only too happy to help with suggestions of recommended drinks and food choices. We decided on some Bavarian indulgence;


FONDUE - Melted gruyère and emmental, moped up with lashings of fresh sourdough, herbed potatoes and of course we added a bratwurst to complete the dish. 


MEATBALL & CAMBOZOLA - Huge pork and beef meatballs covered with a deep rich tomato sauce and melted cambozola. Simply delicious.


ALPINE KROKETTE - A combination of smoked bacon, gruyère cheese and topped with aioli.


PRETZEL HAUS - It wouldn't be a Barvian feast without a pretzel, we opted for the cheese and bacon, it was the perfect choice.


As we tucked in to generous and exceptionally tasty servings of cheeses, meats and bread the entertainment for the night was soon to begin on stage.


The night started relatively tame with the band playing some great tunes whilst patrons enjoyed their food and drinks before being informed we were to enjoy a night of burlesque acts by the compere for the evening who was thoroughly entertaining and energetic throughout. A real star of the show.


As the night went on, the acts got wilder and the crowds response increased with equal proportion, with many ending up dancing on long wooden benches and cheering the acts on. We were even treated to a visit from Ab Fabs Patsy Stone who played the part incredibly well and gave everyone a few good laughs.


As the drinks continued to flow in to the night and early morning we were surrounded by a joyous atmosphere and accompanied by truly dedicated staff who ensured everyone was served quickly and enjoyed their evening to the fullest.


We certainly got more than we bargained for on a Thursday night, but how thoroughly enjoyable it was!


Thursday is clearly the new Saturday.


We asked Albert's Schloss...


  • What’s the inspiration behind the brand? 



A castle, palace or manor house: built as a retreat for recreation, indulgence, pleasure, and debauchery.


Our namesake Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s main squeeze, championed truth, beauty, freedom, and love. Launched into many years of mourning by his untimely death, Queen Victoria named buildings up and down the country in his honour, including our flagship venue in Manchester.


Albert’s Schloss celebrates the beloved Prince’s values every day and all night long. We’ve built a retreat from the modern world where we invite you to discover new things, celebrate one another, and revel in the wünder of our Schloss. Influenced by our travels across Alpine Europe; expect roaring fires, raucous performances, tankards of Europe’s finest bier, and endless naughtiness.



  • What’s the most popular dish / drink?


"Beer! We have 13 beers available on tap and 13 bottled beers, with Pravha being the most popular. Our Baron Burger and Black Forest Chicken Burger are our top selling food items (they are absolutely fantastich)!"


  • What do you love about working in the Hospitality industry?


"Providing world class customer service every day and seeing guests having a great time – we at Albert’s Schloss want to ensure that we are creating a comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere where friends, families and colleagues can create memories and have wonderful experiences."


Check them out - Albert's Schloss


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