July 2023 - Lane7

#SHUT UP AND BOWL ! is the instruction on the wall of Lane7 Birmingham and who are we to argue with that!?


Immediately upon entering Lane7 it stands out against every other bowling venue out there. The staff are attentive, friendly and make sure you are well looked after for the evening.


With a number of games to entertain yourself, you can easily fill your evening with entertainment with no need to venture anywhere else. With Bowling, Shuffleboard, Karaoke, Beer Pong, Arcade Games, Beers, Cocktails and Bar Snacks, you are well catered for. 


With drinks ordered, we headed to the lanes for some competitive Bowling. It can be difficult to stand out in crowded market, although it's safe to say Lane7 has managed it. The bowling lanes stand out, much like the rest of the venue with a very distinctive look and feel. A bit quirky, which we like, with illuminated pins and cool looking bowling balls. It was a close game all the way to the end with everyone taking the lead a some point and only 6 points between the winner and second place.


Next up was Shuffleboard, with drinks and bar snacks ordered we made our way over to our next competitive venture. We decided to play winner stays on to up the ante and put the winner under pressure. Took a few practice shots to get our aim in and not just fly off the back of the board. Then it was on to the challenge and laughs that quickly followed as we went head to head for glory!


We couldn't help ourselves but get involved in some of the Arcade Games on offer, some stand outs include an retro Track and Field game, the classic Air Hockey and the Table Football. We had never seen a table football game like that one before and quickly got our attention. Amongst all the games we played that evening, this one probably got the most intense between competitors and was probably as entertaining for those watching as those taking part.


There simply wasn't enough time to try everything on offer, but that gives us the perfect excuse to come back again!


We asked Lane7...


  • What’s the inspiration behind the brand?


“It was an entrepreneur’s dilemma as well as a personal issue with how poor the play opportunities were for my children. After many hours of google searching, I came across a very nice pair of bowling lanes located in a boutique hotel somewhere in Scandinavia that looked fantastic, that was the beginning of the idea.”


  • What’s the most popular dish / attraction / game / drink?

“Our foundation is to bring a premium edge to the bowling experience. Whilst we anchor on bowling, Lane7 offers many different gaming options, a fantastic bar and food offer giving you all your best nights in one.”


  • What do you love about Hospitality?

"Working in hospitality is more than just doing your job. You must have a genuine passion for providing the best possible experience for everyone who walks through the door. Real hospitality is about understanding the needs of your guests and delivering a service that not only meets but exceeds expectations. These two things are key when it comes to creating a truly memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone who visits Lane7."


Check them out - Lane7


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