June 2023 - Jamaya

This month we took a visit to Colmore Row and indulged in some delicious Jamaican cuisine.


Jamaya really stands out amongst the crowd, delivering a vibrant décor, chilled out atmosphere, bangin' tunes and friendly people, a perfect place to enjoy some Caribbean culture.


The whole menu looked amazing, so we had some tough choices to make. After some debate we finally made our choices and placed our order for Buffalo Wings, Ja Mac-n-Cheese, Jerk Chicken Skewers, Jamrock Brown Stew (their most popular dish), Jerk Fries, Jerk Sweet Potato Fries, accompanied by some Jerk Gravy and Jamayo dips to dunk it all in.


Here's our verdict…


Buffalo Wings – Fried wings coated in a light and crispy batter then tossed in buffalo sauce, were well balanced, with tender succulent chicken with a pleasant mixture of sweet and spicy flavours. They looked amazing and tasted even better.


Ja Mac-n-Cheese – A classic! But better, served in a hot pan straight from the oven. Creamy dish with a bit of crunch on top from the melted cheese, topped with some jerk spices.


Jerk Chicken Skewers – Chargrilled chicken with onions and peppers, with a choice of marinade, we choose to go hot! Nice balance of flavours, you could taste the heat from the spices without it being overpowering. The dish worked very well together and was cooked to perfection.


Jamrock Brown Stew – A Chefs special and we can certainly see why it’s their most popular dish, it was visually appealing and drew our eyes straight to it. Diced chicken pieces in a coconut and jerk sauce gravy, cooked with onions, garlic and thyme. A very flavoursome dish with the rice and steamed veg being an ideal accompaniment.


Fries and Dips – The jerk spices on the fries gave them a nice kick, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, exactly as you would want them. The Jerk Sauce and Jamayo dips were spot on for our dunking needs.


Signature Cocktail - Based on Ashley’s recommendation we opted to try their signature cocktail the Kingston Red Hills (Jamaican Rum Punch) which was sweet, strong and punchy, a great way to finish the meal.


Ashley the General Manager was very accommodating and spent some time with us discussing his love for the hospitality industry and plans for Jamaya. His recommendations were spot on and we enjoyed our time with him, a great addition to the industry.


We will 100% be back soon!


We asked Ashley at Jamaya...


  • What is the inspiration behind the name/brand?


"JAMAYA is combination of Byron's daughter Maya and Byron's Jamaican heritage. Combining the the two together to get the name (Ja-maya).


We also wanted to bring one of Jamaica's greatest exports; Jerk Chicken. That is what we are passionate about and want to share where-ever and whenever we can."


  • What is the most popular dish and drink?


"Our most popular dish is our Brown Stew. Diced chicken breasts smothered in our succulent coconut and jerk gravy, accompanied with our steamed veg and rice and peas. Great Dish!


Our most popular drink is the Kingston Red Hills aka as a Jamaican Rum punch. It has become our signature cocktail using another great Jamaican export Wray and Nephew Rum"


  • What do you love about working in the Hospitality industry?


"I have worked in hospitality for 20 years. What I love is the countless opportunities this industry provides; it can be as simple as talking to many different people/guests to enhance their day, making every day different, to then developing yourself, to advancing your career, gaining qualifications along the way. It has its challenges but wouldn't have it any other way!"


Check them out - Jamaya


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