April 2023 - Boom Battle Bar

Games, Drinks, Food, all in one place? We're in!


This month we were hosted by Boom Battle Bar for a night of entertainment and it's fair to say our competitive nature immediately took over as the games commenced.


With a vast array of games to choose from including Shuffleboard, Pool, Beer Pong, Axe Throwing, Darts and Crazy Golf, you could easily spend all night here. We opted for the aptly named ' Crazier Golf', Augmented Axe Throwing, and Shuffleboard. 


The Crazier Golf was certainly that, having played crazy golf at other venues we though it would be similar, but how wrong we were. They really do take an alternative stance on this classic game where you are playing a mixture of difficult crazy golf holes, a few you are using the putter and the others we could only describe as Crystal Mazeesque holes including bikes, catapults, balance mazes, baseball and table football, amongst others. Either trying to score a winning shot, or stopping your mates from doing so!


Next up we played some winner stays on Shuffleboard where our competitive nature came out to play once more. After a few practice rounds to get a feel for the table, it was time to let battle commence. With a mixture of well placed scoring pucks, some spin shots, a few power shots and the occasional terrible shot to boot, there was no obvious overall winner. So we grabbed some food and a few more drinks before heading to the main event.


Axe Throwing! It's as fun as it sounds. Although offering something different to what we had seen before. At Boom Battle Bar you get a digital score board where you can play a variety of games with the bullseye moving around the board, forcing you to hone your axe throwing skills. This added an extra dimension to the game and provides something which really sets it apart. It definitely looks a lot easier than it actually is, but our host did a great job of coaching us to get a few in the board.


We had a great time at Boom Battle Bar and will certainly be returning for another visit. We still have a few more games to try out. We have everything we needed in one place which provided a great and thoroughly enjoyable night out. 


We asked Boom Battle Bar...


  • What’s the inspiration behind the brand?


"Boom Battle Bar is bringing all of your favourite competitive games into one venue! From Axe Throwing to Beer Pong and everything in between with a side of cocktails."


  • What’s the most popular game, food and drink?


"The most popular game by far is Axe Throwing - Food has to be our Boneless chicken wings - our most popular cocktail is the Boom Punch our rum based signature cocktail."


  • What do you love about working in the Experiential Hospitality industry?


"The people make it a fun place to work, you never know who going to walk through our doors, they could be here for a work catch up, first dates or Hen & Stag do's. Our guests come for a good time, so I'm happy we deliver that here." 


Check them out - Boom Battle Bar


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