Resignation Letter Template

Example Resignation Letter


[Date: 01/01/2022]


[Managers Name]

[Manager’s Job Title]

[Company Name]


Dear [First Name]


Please accept this letter as formal notice of my resignation from the position of [Current Job Title] with [Company Name].


It has been a pleasure working for [Company Name] and the knowledge I have gained has been invaluable. I have however been offered a position with another company that I cannot refuse.


Whilst this decision has not been an easy one, I have now given it consideration and have absolutely no doubt that this is the right move for me, both personally and professionally, and that my decision is irrevocable.


My contract of employment requires me to give [detail notice period]. Whilst I will of course honour this notice period (if required) my new employer has indicated that they would like me to start as soon as possible, so any flexibility would be much appreciated.


I am committed to helping in any way I can during the transition of my resignation, and I wish both you and the company the best of success in the future.


Yours sincerely,



(Signature goes here)



[Your name]


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